About Us

Company Profile

AOR Logistics Pvt Ltd. is an Integrated Logistics Solutions Provider in India, having capabilities in end-to-end logistics solution offerings and execution capabilities through integration of people, process and technologies.

We facilitate seamless flow of goods and information from the point of origin to the point of delivery. We understand that global supply chain management involves planning, implementation and control of a series of complex tasks performed by persons of different nationalities, cultures and with varying language capabilities.

Our solutions address needs of clients from different industry verticals such as Pharmaceuticals, Railways, Telecom, Power , Engineering and Infrastructure.

Our Mission

We lay a great deal of emphasis on processes and performance measurement for continuously delivering superior services to our clients. That is why we have ensured a strong process focus in all our engagements so that the supply chains become more responsive, flexible and free of human errors. Our performance oriented culture which ensures all our services are measured against a set of predefined KPIs, which also help us in setting benchmarks and improving further in service delivery performance.

Why Aor

The Business Community in India was forced to choose between the traditional clearing & forwarding and Foreign Multinational companies. The traditional companies failed to give the competitive edge due to their myopic vision and conceited approach to business. On the other hand, the Multinationals were unyielding and failed to blend in the local business landscape. AOR LOGISTICS has the right combination of global experience and local understanding. We can confidently say we DO think global and act local.

Value to Customers

  • Create and complete global trade lines to address diverse customer needs spread across geographical, thereby improving competitiveness and asset utilization.
  • Total end-to-end logistics services and outsourcing capability ensures a larger share of the customer’s business for the partner and in turn reduced overall logistics cost and improved services for the customer.
  • Jointly identify industry level supply chain issues and develop implementable solutions hence offering more value-added services to customers.