Whether you are importing or exporting, a vital part of moving shipments seamlessly and efficiently.


    AOR LOGISTICS has been providing time-definite international air transport services to satisfied customers since 2006.

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Why Choose Us

In Depth Industry Knowledge

AOR Logistics has the know-how to study supply chains- understand issues- devise solutions for varied industry verticals. This becomes possible due to+2.5 decades of collective industry experience of the AOR Team.

Value Added Services

At AOR Logistics we focus on customer satisfaction. We Provide Value-added services like Specialised transport, Critical parcel services, tailor-made quick solutions to address sudden exigencies.

Establishing SOP's

Our primary purpose is to standardise, document and communicate the 6Qs or 6 Questions of all the activities or tasks involved in a process. Our 6Qs are what, why, and how of doing an activity and by whom, when and where.

Shipment consolidation

At AOR Logistics we believe in Consolidation of our shipments as Consolidated shipping allows shippers to earn preferred rates and help optimize supply chains by saving time and reducing the cost of logistic activities

3PL Provider

Outsourcing supply chain services to Third Party Logistics provider like AOR Logistics will give your business the ability to focus on primary functions and core competencies.

Reducing Freight cost

keeping freight costs in check is both more important than ever and more difficult than ever. Whether you ship international, or local. We at AOR Logistics will provide & implement ways to optimise your transportation logistics costs.


Number of Shipments

We at AOR logistics have successfully completed over 45000 shipments till date and still counting


SKU's Being Handled

We are right now handling around 1k SKU's which clearly represents our capability, reliability & efficiency in the field.


Organization Years Experience

Our Organisation experience may be of 6 years but our team has showed competency in logistics domian for overt 2.5 decades.


Clients Handled

With more then 1.5k clients till now, AOR logistics is one of the most reliable assets in Indian Logistic market.


Tons of Goods

With half a million tons of goods transported till now, we are a leading transporter company in India.